As a police spokesman said, it is not yet clear how the fire could have started

As a police spokesman said, it is not yet clear how the fire could have started

The police also reported that several patrol cars and a helicopter were alerted. The man continued his wrong turn on the A67, where highway police officers slowed down traffic. The 70-year-old finally brought his car to a stop in the left lane. According to initial findings, the man was actually unable to safely drive a vehicle for health reasons. His driver’s license was secured.

As a sign of solidarity and appreciation, the second division soccer team Darmstadt 98 invited around 300 amateur referees from the southern Hessian region to their first home game after the winter break against VfL Osnabrück. The lilies reacted to the beating attack against a 22-year-old referee who had been knocked unconscious by a player at the regional league game between FSV Münster and TV Semd at the end of October.

With the action you want to show "that such events must not be repeated and that there is no alternative to treating the referees in all game and performance classes with the necessary respect, even in the event of any wrong decisions", it said on Saturday in a club announcement. In addition, the predominantly voluntary work of the referees should be recognized. The details of the referees’ visit to the stadium on February 2 (1.30 p.m.) should be clarified in the coming weeks.

Black clouds appear within seconds. Violent thunderstorms and severe storms can endanger life and limb. A new generation of weather satellites will make forecasts and warnings more accurate in the future, in some cases down to the local level. The meteorological satellite agency of Europe, Eumetsat, wants to bring new observation systems with high-tech on board into space in the coming years. Three satellites are to orbit the earth at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers, two others at around 700 kilometers. Experts from the 30 member states of Eumetsat discussed the opportunities and benefits of the new technologies in Darmstadt on Wednesday.

"These satellite systems will enable national weather services to be of greater benefit to citizens and industry, helping to protect lives and property, which will have a positive impact on the economy"said the general manager of Eumetsat, Alain Ratier.

In the future, air quality could be better measured, storms predicted more quickly and climate forecast improved, says the head of the research department for earth observation at Eumetsat, Bojan Bojkov, with a view to the much more accurate data. "We are then no longer occasionally surprised by storms."

The launch of the first satellite is planned for the end of 2021. According to Bojkov, all measuring devices should be in orbit within three and a half years. The costs for rockets, evaluation, data management or even construction would amount to several billion euros by 2040.

The tools and the more accurate data could prevent major economic damage. "The instruments are all the rage in technology"said Bojkov.

"The spatial and temporal resolution of the data is improved"said the head of weather forecasting at the German Weather Service, Hans-Joachim Koppert. "There are instruments on board that we were not familiar with." In the future, lightning strikes could be detected from orbit, which was previously not possible. In Europe, lightning bolts have so far been located using a ground system, but this is not possible over Africa or the Atlantic. Observation from space is also a plus in terms of safety for aviation.

In addition, according to Koppert, the development of clouds, fog or smoke could be detected earlier. This serves more precise advance warnings and better and longer-term weather forecasts. In the event of forest fires, emergency services could be warned earlier and better sent to the source of the kill a mockingbird theme essay

After the last two defeats, coach Dimitrios Grammozis from second division SV Darmstadt 98 has made his players responsible. "We owe it to us to offer the fans a performance again, which is then carried over from the square to the stands"said the 41-year-old soccer teacher on Friday before the home game against SSV Jahn Regensburg. He pointed out that his team was still undefeated this season in the league at Böllenfalltor. "We only managed to do that because we stuck together here"he added. 

The public interest in the game on Sunday (1.30 p.m. / Sky) against the two points in front of the lilies from Upper Palatinate has so far been limited compared to other games. Around 1800 tickets were still available on Friday. 

The midfielders Yannick Stark and Tobias Kempe are expected to be available again after their wounds have healed. Long-term injuries Felix Platte and Braydon Manu, who are in training, will also be missing. Grammozis did not want to make a prognosis when the offensive players will be ready for action: "We want to give them the peace of mind that they will be 100 percent fit when they get back into team training."

The coach took on the recently disappointing Marvin Mehlem in particular. "We always say: if you can do everything, you have to give everything"said Grammozis. He sees a lot of potential in the 22-year-old midfielder. "We have to get the boy to bring his qualities even more to bear."

A 19-year-old is jailed for murder because he killed a woman from Düsseldorf in an accident in a motorway parking lot. The Darmstadt Regional Court sentenced him to six years and four months in prison on Monday. The defendant fled from the police in his car on December 30, 2018. On the A5, he drove to the Fuchsbuckel autobahn car park in southern Hesse at more than 100 km / h and crashed into the family’s car from Düsseldorf.

The 39-year-old mother died in the accident, and the then ten-year-old son was seriously injured. The prosecution had demanded a nine-year juvenile prison sentence for murder. The lawyers had pleaded for negligent homicide and gave no specific sentence.

A 78-year-old was seriously injured in a fire in a retirement home in Darmstadt. The man wanted to fill a lighter with flammable liquid in his bed on Sunday afternoon, the police reported. The liquid ignited and the 78-year-old’s clothes caught fire. The man was able to free himself from the burning clothes, but still suffered severe burns and had to be taken to a clinic by helicopter. According to the information, the flames also spread to sheets, mattresses and furniture. The fire brigade was able to extinguish the fire quickly. The old people’s home did not have to be evacuated, the police said.

Second division soccer team SV Darmstadt 98 did not reward itself for a decent performance and suffered a setback against the new leaders Arminia Bielefeld. The lilies lost 1: 3 (0: 0) on Sunday and missed to keep up with the top third of the table at the end of the 15th match day. "Overall, the team tried everything today", said coach Dimitrios Grammozis, aptly summarizing the performance of his protégés. The great effort against the savvy guests from East Westphalia remained unrewarded.

In front of 13,898 spectators, striker Fabian Klos was the Arminia match winner. Shortly after the break, Klos made a double strike (48th / 49th minute) for the preliminary decision. "After the break we conceded the two goals through two outstanding actions, after which we were briefly buckled", found Grammozis. The connecting goal by Tobias Kempe (71st) didn’t help, as Andreas Voglsammer (90th + 2) scored again for the guests in stoppage time.

The first half had encouraged the hosts who were attacking. Despite their role as outsiders, the Hessians created numerous opportunities, but made far too few of them. "We put in a very good performance in the first half, but unfortunately we lacked precision at the end"said Darmstadt’s trainer.

After the change, Klos executed twice in a short time and thus scored his season goals eleven and twelve. In these two minutes you have "given the game out of hand", analyzed Grammozis. After that, Bielefeld controlled the game with ease. Kempe’s connection briefly brought mood, but no longer the hoped-for turnaround. Until the winter break, the lilies are challenged in duels with Hamburger SV and VfB Stuttgart against other top opponents.

A fire broke out in an apartment in an apartment building in the Darmstadt district of Eberstadt on Saturday night. As a police spokesman said, it is not yet clear how the fire could have started. The 46-year-old resident of the apartment was not at home at the time of the fire.

According to the fire department, neighbors had reported the fire in the apartment on the ground floor. The emergency services could therefore quickly extinguish the fire. Some of the residents had to leave their homes during the extinguishing work. Nobody got hurt. According to a spokesman, the police have started investigations into the cause of the fire.

The bus drivers are also on strike in Frankfurt on Friday. This creates numerous restrictions because many lines fail completely.

In Hesse, bus drivers from private bus companies have gone on warning strike. Since the early shift started at 3:10 a.m., bus drivers have been on strike at various locations, said a spokesman for the Verdi union early on Friday morning.

In Frankfurt, all 64 bus routes are affected by the strike. There are also likely to be problems with night buses. There are also restrictions on the regional bus line X17, on the buses of the rail replacement service for the U3 and the tram lines 14 and 16. In addition, the drivers of the small and midibus lines 35, 45, 47, 48, 57, 81, 82 down the work.

According to Verdi, there were no buses in Offenbach or Bad Vilbel around 4 a.m. Likewise, passengers in the district of Frankfurt and in the city of Fulda, Bad Hersfeld and Weiterstadt were sometimes in vain at the bus stop.

The strike does not end until Saturday night

The union had called for the warning strike, which should last until the end of the late shift on Saturday night. In the course of the next few hours, practically all of Hesse should be affected, from Kassel via Korbach, Gießen, Fulda and Hanau to Offenbach, Frankfurt and Darmstadt. Work stoppages could also occur in smaller places such as Melsungen, Gudenberg, Gelnhausen or Erlensee.

With the warning strike, Verdi wants to increase the pressure on employers in the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations. They had made an offer in the fourth round of negotiations on Wednesday, but the union rejected it. The first warning strike had already taken place at the end of September. Tens of thousands of commuters were affected. The current tariff conflict affects around 4,400 bus drivers. The next round of negotiations is scheduled for November 14th.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Coach Dimitrios Grammozis from the second division soccer club SV Darmstadt 98 has asked his team to concentrate more. Of the last five goals conceded, two own goals and two were the result of individual mistakes, said the 41-year-old coach on Friday. You have to turn this off in the game on Monday (8.30 p.m. / Sky) at Hannover 96.

According to Grammozis, goalkeeper Marcel Schuhe will certainly be there again, who made the two mistakes against Greuther Fürth and Regensburg. "Every goalkeeper has a phase like this. So there is no reason to change goalkeepers"said his coach.

Mathias Wittek, who tore the outer ligament and the anterior cruciate ligament in the test match against FSV Mainz (1: 2), will be missing for a long time. Midfielder Fabian Schnellhardt and substitute keeper Ihor Berezovsky are out with muscle injuries. Long-term injuries Felix Platte and Braydon Manu complete individual training. Record could play passes again, but shouldn’t have any duels, said Grammozis.

The fact that Hanover is playing for the first time under the new coach Kenan Kocak makes preparation a little more difficult. "You don’t know what system or tactic your opponent will play with"said Grammozis. But he reckons with an intense game with many duels, just as Kocak did in Sandhausen. In terms of quality, Hannover has a very good squad with many Bundesliga experienced players. "We look forward to the game"said Grammozis. He is confident that his team will show a good game.

"Respectable" is this "Word of the year" 2019. Its counterpart, the "Bad word of the year", will be chosen in Darmstadt in January. According to the jury, 579 suggestions have been received so far. However, only 39 meet the criteria, said the jury’s spokeswoman, Nina Janich, of the German press agency. For many years, the focus was on refugee policy and migration, but now the focus is on the ecology and climate debate. First and foremost are the proposals in terms of numbers "Pollution rights" and "Climate hysteria", with eleven and seven mentions respectively. The "Unword of the year 2019" will be announced on January 14th. Proposals can be submitted until December 31st.

The language-critical action "Bad word of the year" would like to draw attention to inappropriate use of language with its annual campaign and thus raise awareness. Words are reprimanded that violate the principles of human dignity or democracy, that discriminate against social groups or that are euphemistic, obscuring or misleading formulations. Pure swear words don’t count. The jury is not guided by the number of suggestions for a single word, emphasized linguist Janich.

There are still proposals for refugee policy such as "Winter refugees" or "Solidarity crimes". General topics are also considered with words like "Staff adjustment" or "Longevity risk".

The number of incoming proposals is declining. So far this year there have been less than 600, last year it was more than 900. "But we already had well over 2000"said Janich. One possible reason: "We don’t currently use social media." Proposals could be submitted by email or, in the traditional way, by letter. Some of the senders would submit very good reasons. This is unlikely to be the case with social media.