Braun turned himself to justice at the beginning of last week

Braun turned himself to justice at the beginning of last week

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At the finale, the Stones celebrate their global success "Satisfaction" for six minutes and give as encores "Gimme Shelter" and "Jumping Jack Flash". After the musical fireworks, the pyrotechnic spectacle looks a bit pale at the end.

In the dispute over the partial sale of the Rhön hospitals to the Helios subsidiary of the Bad Homburg Fresenius Group, the medical technology company B. Braun Melsungen has filed a lawsuit. The Rhön-Klinikum AG announced this in a mandatory announcement. The aim of the lawsuit is to determine that the share purchase agreement is void or may only be executed with a majority of more than 90 percent after the company has given its approval. Furthermore, Rhön should refrain from any measures to complete the transaction.

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From Rhön’s point of view, however, the general meeting has no jurisdiction with regard to the sale to Helios. The action has no suspensive effect. The company will defend itself against this and continue to expect the transaction to be successful. The Rhön shareholder Asklepios did not want to comment. B. Braun was initially unavailable for comment.

Rhön wants to slim down

Fresenius plans to acquire 43 hospitals from Rhön for a good three billion euros. The takeover would make Helios the undisputed market leader in Germany. After the break-up, Rhön wants to realign itself and concentrate on a few hospitals in the future, including the University Clinic Gießen and Marburg.

Fresenius buys Rhön: A new hospital giant emerges Asklepios against Rhön: New round in the fight Asklepios against Rhön Strong increase: Every second German hospital is in the red

Arbitration apparently failed

Fresenius, Asklepios and B. Braun all hold shares in the competitor Rhön. Only recently had they said they wanted to settle their disputes. But meanwhile the arbitration attempts are about to end. "No further discussions are currently planned", said a spokesman for Rhön-Klinikum supervisory board chairman Eugen Münch.

One day before the start of the basketball league, the Gießen 46ers mutually terminated their contract with Point Guard Alexander Abreu, which was only signed in August. The 28-year-old American is no longer in the game against the Merlins Crailsheim this Tuesday (8.30 p.m.) in the Mittelhessen squad, who had split up with the center Duke Shelton ten days ago. Kendall Lamar Gray had been signed up for him.

Berlin (dpa) – The Kassel pop duo Milky Chance has recently seen a steep upward trend. And even if the global corona pandemic has hit the two young Hessians (huge hit: "Stole dance") just as the entire music industry is currently slowing down badly, the crisis is now giving them a big entrance.

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Milky Chance is the only German artist to appear at a large benefit concert on the Internet for the benefit of Corona helpers. It doesn’t make you nervous, singer Clemens Rehbein told the German press agency beforehand. "Excited maybe, and looking forward to it, but not jittery. It’s cool for us to be there." The organizer of the benefit concert under the motto "One World: Together at Home", the development organization Global Citizen, had noticed the young German band.list of essay topics

In a live stream on Youtube and Twitter, pop superstar Lady Gaga brings together artists from all over the world in a two-part concert, including big names such as Taylor Swift, Elton John, Andrea Bocelli and Paul McCartney. It is about support for the Solidarity Fund of the World Health Organization (WHO).


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"If I can still see that …"

Milky Chance will be there with a live stream from Kassel. "We still have our rehearsal room or home studio here"said Rehbein. His band colleague Philipp Dausch will come from Berlin especially. Milky Chance want to play three songs at the benefit concert – "a mix of new and old songs".

The soaring of the band around singer / guitarist Rehbein and multi-instrumentalist Dausch (both 27 years old) continues. The two have been playing together since their youth – their first songs were practically composed in the nursery, including "Stole dance". Already the debut album "Sadnecessary" was a success for the newcomers, it came in at number 14 in the German charts in 2013 and at number 17 in the USA.

The band name, the two revealed in a dpa interview about the latest album "Mind the moon" (2019), has no deeper meaning. "It was there before our project", said Rehbein. "I made it up. It’s easy to pronounce, but it doesn’t really mean anything."

Milky Chance songs have since been sold millions of times and clicked on the Internet. The album released in 2017 "Blossom" Made it into the top ten of the German album charts, the band made gold and platinum records, among other things. Her specialty: a smart mix of different music styles with a summer hit character – pop, folk, reggae, electro.

Milky Chance also includes Antonio Greger (guitar, harmonica) and Sebastian Schmidt (drums). According to Rehbein, the band is currently working on new music from home. You are currently in the studio about every other day. In addition, Milky Chance now have four on Spotify and Instagram, among others "stayhome sessions" on which they play acoustic versions of songs from the new album.

The two Kassel-based artists are among their musical role models: from Sweden’s The Tallest Man On Earth to Bob Marley, Ray Charles and Jack Johnson to John Frusciante from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. "It all goes hand in hand and is a colorful mix", Dausch described the mixture. "A wild musical journey, from one genre to another."

The business crime of the Dax group Wirecard continues: The ex-board member Jan Marsalek apparently does not want to face the investigative authorities. Meanwhile, it is unclear where he is at all.

The former board member of the payment processor Wirecard apparently does not want to face the investigative authorities. The research network reports this "Süddeutscher Zeitung", "WDR" and "NDR".

An arrest warrant from the Munich public prosecutor’s office is currently pending against Marsalek. The investigating authority has not yet been reached for a statement.

Marsalek had announced through his lawyer last week that he would come to Munich to be questioned there. According to the report, this should not take place now.

Marsalek was considered the right hand of the ex-Wirecard boss Markus Braun. He managed the controversial Asian business of the payment service provider Wirecard. Braun turned himself to justice at the beginning of last week.

Marsalek may be in China

According to German media reports, the Austrian Marsalek, who is wanted by an arrest warrant, may meanwhile be in China. The Philippine Justice Minister Menardo Guevarra announced that Marsalek entered the Philippines last week and left the country shortly afterwards for China.

Filipino details: Ex-Wirecard board member in China? After accounting scandal: Wirecard files for insolvency proceedings Accounting scandal: Wirecard’s insolvency is an unreasonable expectation for Germany

Wirecard had admitted that the annual balance sheet is missing 1.9 billion euros and that the money probably does not exist at two Filipino banks. The stock exchange price of the DAX group crashed, the company filed for bankruptcy.

Sources used: own research Süddeutsche Zeitung: "Wirecard board member Marsalek does not want to face justice"AFP news agencymore sourcesshow less sources

An air conditioning system went up in flames in the adjoining passage at Bonn’s town house. A passer-by alerted the fire department and was able to prevent worse.

A passer-by discovered a fire on Thursday night at the Stadthaus-Passage in Bonn and was able to prevent worse. As the fire brigade announced, he alerted the fire brigade at 1:28 a.m. The approached with almost 30 emergency services.

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On site, an air conditioning system caught fire on the outside of a shop. The fire was quickly extinguished. The flames did not spread to the interior of the restaurant or to neighboring buildings.

Sources used: Bonn Fire Brigade: Press release from May 28, 2020

Two men rioted in the city of Beuel. The police had to intervene three times and ended up being attacked themselves.

In Bonn-Beuel two rioters attracted negative attention several times. The police were called at various locations. In the end, one of the men, a 34-year-old, even attacked the police.

As the police announced, the first report was received around 10 p.m. Witnesses reported a fight on Konrad-Adenauer-Platz. A patrol met the two opponents on site and issued the 19-year-old and the 34-year-old to the Beueler City / Beueler Bahnhof area. Half an hour later, officials had to arrive again.

Pestered passers-by

At around 11.10 p.m., several witnesses alerted the police because rioters were in the Friedrich-Breuer-Strasse / Doktor-Weis-Platz area, harassing passers-by and kicking lanterns. A patrol team encountered the two men who had previously been expelled. According to the police, the 34-year-old was extremely uncooperative and aggressive. He is said to have punched a policeman in the face with his fist. The officer was slightly injured.

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Both were initially taken into custody. The 34-year-old should, however "not cautious" have been. He apparently consumed drugs or alcohol and was taken to a hospital. There he is being monitored by the police.

Sources used: Bonn Police: Press release from May 27, 2020

she is that "Napalm girl" on the famous photo of the Vietnam War. In a long time, Kim Phuc Phan Thi has overcome hatred – and a simple message.

"I wanted to die"says Kim Phuc Phan Thi. The petite Vietnamese woman with a black page head and large dark eyes swallows when she remembers. On June 8, 1972, fire fell from the sky in her village of Trảng Bàng. A war reporter photographed the nine-year-old walking naked and screaming in pain across a street after the napalm attack, with thick smoke in the background. The picture, which later won the Pulitzer Prize, went around the world as a symbol of the Vietnam War – and contributed to a rethink among the US population.

"When I am alone I avoid the picture"says the 55-year-old. "But I can work for peace with it, that’s my vision." For many years she has been committed to reconciliation and has her own foundation to look after children from war zones. For this she received the Dresden Peace Prize endowed with 10,000 euros.

"My dream is to help make the world a better place to live." She travels the earth as a UN ambassador, although her scars sometimes burn like fire, tells her story and speaks for children, "who have no voice".

"I had no hope of life"

Your foundation has been building schools, orphanages and medical facilities around the world since 2002. The latest project: a library for children in the village where they go to "Napalm girl" has been. "Education is so important, every child needs a chance to learn." After the fateful day when the photographer poured her water over her and took her to a hospital, her own life seemed to be over. "Basically I wanted to die, just give up, I had no hope of life or a future, just suffering."

Her heart was full of hatred, bitterness and negative thoughts for ten years until she discovered the Christian faith in the Saigon library in search of answers to her fate. "I am very grateful that I am still alive, that I could learn from what I experienced, that I was able to find a way to deal with injuries, pain and torture differently", she says. And she decided not to be a war victim anymore. "I am a mother, grandmother, and survivor who works for peace." Let your own life be determined by hope, love and forgiveness.

Phuc’s story is a reminder

"My vision is to help make the world a better place to live." Everyone can work for peace and contribute to a better society. "People who are bitter, have a negative attitude towards everything, create violence and hatred and that leads to war." Phuc firmly believes that her story will make others rethink too. "If even a little girl can learn love, hope, and the ability to forgive after such an experience, anyone can".