Ukrainian universities are so closed that they are perceived as a continuous corruption risk

Ukrainian universities are so closed that they are perceived as a continuous corruption risk

And the work started by the parents will vanish – the youth will leave.

The sacrificial Ukrainian community raises hundreds and hundreds of thousands to build churches. But this generation will die out, it will be replaced by what has now been spoken in English and has no attachment to Ukrainian culture. And why are those majestic buildings erected, when that generation does not care in which church to pray? When erecting stone buildings, it is necessary to take care now that the souls of the young generation with which we build churches are filled with Ukrainian content, and this, without the daily creation of spiritual values ​​by living Ukrainian artists, will not succeed … And if the public does not support the work of living artists, writers and scientists with foundations, then in two decades and what is, will become only museum exhibits of interest to two researchers.

And it’s so easy to do! Let the members of the Security Unions decide in their conventions that one-fourth of the percent of the profits of their millions be set aside for the Cultural Fund; only one tenth of the funds raised for the construction of churches are set aside for the Cultural Fund; at the very beginning of the first year, a hundred thousand lay on the table. .. If through this fund the rich Edmonton industrialists, merchants, owners of hotels, restaurants and other settlements – bought one painting from Edmonton painters and would decorate their living rooms with them. And painters could draw, instead of water pipes, their precise paintings.

But I measured myself. If it were … Then Volodya would like to know not only one English, but also the language of his father and mother, who are wonderfully fluent in it, then he would have a much larger selection of interesting books. And with the expansion of spiritual interests, the second sorrow of Canadian-Ukrainian parents would disappear, because then there would be many interesting activities for young people to harden their spirit. It is not necessary to harden the muscles for this.

But I dreamed. In the meantime, we are approaching the train station, and young Dikur thanks Ms. Yandi for taking him away and not being late for the train.

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“How beautiful, wonderful …” Yuriy Hryniuk

Read online poem by Yuri Grinyuk “How beautiful, wonderful …”

A- A + A A1 A2 A3

How beautiful, wonderful.And how niceHow sweet honey.Thoughts are like beer.

And souls, like water, worry,Like spring,Turbulent rivers …Ah, such happiness,

Such a paradiseI wish to deathForever -Forever.

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▶ “How beautiful, wonderful …” Yuriy Hryniuk. Files to download

“In loose, silk …” Yuriy Hryniuk

Read online poem by Yuri Grinyuk “In fluffy, silk …”

A- A + A A1 A2 A3

In loose, silkCarpets fallAnd we drink, we drinkEnjoy life,

Luxurious drink.The heart flutters, the thoughts are clouded,And noises are popping up outside.Shu-shu-shu-u-u “I carry beauty”

ShamotitGreen branch.May, spring -Stormy wedding.

Dawn through the windowsSilver statuesAnd enlighten the lily body,Passionate hugs and kisses.

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▶ “In loose, silk …” Yuriy Hryniuk. Files to download

Teachers will be able to count on advanced training not only after studying at IPPO

Advanced training: the money will go to the teacher

In the near future, teachers will be able to consider as mandatory training not only training in institutes of postgraduate pedagogical education, but also other specialized courses. The relevant resolution was adopted at a government meeting.

The Ministry of Education notes that after the entry into force of the document (from the date of publication), the teacher will be able to count through the decision of the pedagogical council already completed training outside the IPPO.

It is also assumed that from January 1, 2020, teachers will be able to use the funds allocated by the state for advanced training and study in the organizations of their choice.

According to the Minister of Education Lilia Grinevich, the principle of “money goes to the teacher” for advanced training is a fundamental innovation introduced by the law “On Education”.

“Our goal is to give the teacher the freedom to choose the best courses for his growth. We have been discussing for a long time the procedures and mechanisms for implementing this tool. As a result of long consultations with the Ministry of Finance and other COIs, we came to the option prescribed in this resolution. In my opinion, this is not the best of the possible options, we thought of this mechanism somewhat differently, but this is already an optimistic start. I hope that this tool will be further improved in the future. It is especially important to review the conditions after a certain time from the moment of implementation in order to adjust, taking into account the experience gained, “the minister explained.

secondary education reformeducation financing


According to the results of the certification, universities will be able to receive funds for basic funding of science

The process of certification of scientific directions of universities has begun

The Ministry of Education and Science has launched a process of state certification of scientific directions of universities, as a result of which for the first time they will be able to receive funds for basic funding of science.

For this year, the state has provided for the basic funding of science in universities at the level of UAH 100 million. Funds will be available to those universities that receive the highest grade.

The Ministry of Education notes that it is not the institution as a whole that will be certified, but its scientific areas: there are 7 of them.

A special technique was developed to determine the best. It takes into account a fairly wide range of indicators of scientific activity of the institution for the last 5 years. In particular, the novelty and practical value of scientific results, integration into the world educational and scientific space, prospects for development, etc. will be assessed.

The evaluation of efficiency will be carried out by experts in the relevant areas, and the results of the certification will be approved by the certification commission.

As a result, each direction will be assigned to one of the three groups – A, B, C – or recognized as one that has not passed certification.

From September 1 this year, those institutions whose research areas will be classified in group A will be able to receive funds for basic funding.

It is assumed that in the future basic funding will also be provided for Group B.

To pass the certification, the institution must submit an application and the necessary information materials to the Ministry of Education and Science. The deadline for submission of documents is September 5, 2019.

More information

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From January, teachers will be able to use the funds allocated by the state for advanced training

About the mechanism of advanced training of teachers since 2020

In the near future, Ukrainian teachers will be able to enroll not only in postgraduate pedagogical education, but also other specialized courses as mandatory training. The relevant decision of the Cabinet will come into force in the near future.

The document stipulates that from January 1, 2020, teachers will be able to use the funds allocated by the state for training.

In total, a teacher must complete at least 150 hours of in-service training within 5 years. At the same time, he is obliged to improve his skills annually, regardless of whether he has exhausted the 5-year norm or not – this is a mandatory condition for certification.

Mechanism for teacher training from 2020

After approving the budget for the year, the heads of educational institutions publish the total amount of funds provided for advanced training this year.

Within the next 15 calendar days from the date of receipt of this information, each pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical employee who has the right to training at the expense of these funds, submits to the head a proposal to the training plan for this year with information about:

topic (direction, name) of the relevant program (course, lecture, module, etc.); forms; volume (duration); subject (subjects) of advanced training; the cost of training (if installed) or the free nature of the service.

The Pedagogical Council of the institution considers and approves the plan of professional development for the relevant year within the funds approved in the budget of the educational institution for all sources of income for professional development for this year.

On the basis of the in-service training plan, the head of the educational institution (the person authorized by him) ensures the conclusion of agreements between the educational institution and the subject (subjects) of in-service training on the provision of in- service training services for the relevant year.

In the contract, the parties may prescribe where and how the training is organized:

at the place of educational activity of the subject; and / or at the place of work of pedagogical and / or scientific and pedagogical workers; in another place (places); and / or remotely.

Prepared according to the Ministry of Education and Science.

secondary education reformeducation financing



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